Christmas Message

from Rev Jarel Robinson-Brown

Dear Friends,

As the Christmas season approaches and the nights lengthen, we are reminded of the darkness of winter time. For some of us, this time of year allows us to take things at a slower pace, to spend time with family, to focus on the joy that this season can bring to us. For others, Christmas is a time simply to be endured, survived, and "got through". Whatever our espectations or experiences of Christmas, this season of Advent and Christmas is a time when we come again to the awareness of the goodness of God, when we remember the stories of old. Because we believe and celebrate at this time, the gift which God has given us in His Son, Our Saviour Jesus Christ. Jesus is (for the whole world) that light that shines in the darkness, which the world cannot overcome. My prayer this Christmas is that each of us, in whichever way we understand it - whether we are of faith or no faith - that we might have enough light in our lives to face tomorrow. Enough light to know that we are, whoever we may be, whatever the state of our lives, loved by a God  whose greatest gift is a small child born in Bethlehem who came, died, and rose again - that we might have life and health and peace.

If you want to hear that story for yourself, please do come and join us at any of our services - I would love to welcome you.

Your friend

Revd Jarel Robinson-Brown